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A very small interesting story behind the inception of website. On one evening I was roaming in my lane (colony). I met a small child may be 7-8  yrs old studying in 2nd  standard , I asked him a very simple question that what is the name of direction in which sun rises , he couldn’t reply, then I asked the name of country in which he is living, this was also not answered . This incident inspired me for making awareness about basic information among the children. I love to share the knowledge/ information especially   with kids whom I call little Angels. I tried to share the information about India and world , Founders/persons ,important places in India and the world, Awards, Books and Authors, important dates, Inventions, Country’s capital and currencies, Abbreviations, main lakes, dams, monuments etc which are highest, longest and biggest in India and the world and lastly miscellaneous questions. General knowledge or awareness always occupies very important place in everyone’s life.  A few questions I shared about Rajasthan state as I belong to Rajasthan.  I shared   some topics about the Astrology also as part of my hobby.

About me   I worked with nationalized bank having international presence. In second phase of life    decided to share the information related with general awareness with little Angels. With God’s blessings I did B.Sc., M.B.A & Ph.D.  I do have interest in knowing about the Planets, Nakshtra and Zodiac signs (Astrology) but believing in the theory of Karma (कर्म). I personally believe that destiny follows the Karma (कर्म).  Love to share some articles on it like—हिंदी महीनों का नामकरण का आधार , मांगलिक कुंडली के बारे में गलत धारणाए, श्राद्ध पक्ष क्यों मनाते है, फ़लित- ग्रह के अंश के आधार पर करना चाहिए न कि राशी के आधार पर, छाया ग्रह राहु व केतु के बारे में धारणाए, शनि ग्रह के बारे में गलत धारणाए , कालसर्प योग होने का फल  एवं गंडमूल नक्षत्र में जन्म का असर I    

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