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1 what is the name of the Award given to a person for his life time contribution to sports.? 1 Dhyan chand award
2 In whose name International Gandhi peace prize is named. ? 2 M.K.Gandhi
3 How many Rupees is given in above mentioned award.? 3 Rs one crore(10 million), A plaque and a citation
4 In which year above mentioned award is started. ? 4 First recipient of above award Julius nyerere on 125th birth anniversary of M.K.Gandhi
5 What is the name of 1st Indian recipient. ? 5 Ram Krishna mission Mission in 1998,Baba Amte in 1999 and ISRO in 2014
6 What is the purpose of above award. ? 6 Above award is given for social, economic and political transformation through non violence.
7 How many categories are in Padma Awards. ? 7 Padma Vibhushan, padma bhushan and padmashri
8 What comprises in padma awards. ? 8 Above award comprises a certificate signed by president and a medallion.
9 What is the date of announcement of padma awards every year. ? 9 Announced every year on 26th January
10 What message is written on obverse and reverse of padma awards. ? 10 On observe there is lotus flower and Padma Bhushan/Padma vibhushan/Padmashri written on it On reverse platinum state emblem with satyamev jayte
11 What is the name of the highest sports award. ? 11 Rajiv Gandhi khel Ratna
12 What are gallantry awards. ? 12 Gallantary awards are given in military for bravery, instituted in 26th Jan 1950,awarded by Presidemt.
13 How many types of gallantry awards. ? 13 Param vir chakra- Highest for bravery,Mahavir chakra-2nd highest award for bravery and Vir chakra -3rd highest award and Ashok chakra-highest peace time gallantry award for bravery.Kirti chakra- highest peace time gallantry award for bravery.
14 What is the name of 1st highest civilian award of India. ? 14 Bharat ratna award
15 Who is the 1st recepient of the highest civilian award of India. ? 15 C.Rajagopalachari, Sarvepalli Radhakrishanan and C.V.Raman in 1954
16 Who are the recepient of Bharat Ratna award in 2014 ,2015 and 2019. ? 16 2014.-Sachin Tendulkar and Prof C.N.R.Rao, 2015-Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Madan Mohan Malviya, and in 2019-Pranav Mukherjee(Ex President) Nana ji Deshmukh posthumously (social activist) and Bhupen Hazarika posthumously (singer)
17 How many Prime Ministers of India are recepient of Bharat Ratna Award 17 Jawahar lal Nehru-1955, Lal Bahadur Shastri -1966,Indira Gandhi -1971,V.V.Giri-1975 (President), Morarji Desai-1991, Rajiv Gandhi-1991.Abdul Kalam (President)-1997
18 On which date Bharat ratna award is announced. ? 18 25th January
19 In which year Bharat Ratna award instituted. ? 19 In 1954
20 With whom recommendation Bharat Ratna awards are awarded. ? 20 Prime minister and President
21 How many persons can be recepient of Bharat Ratna. ? 21 Maximum 3 persons
22 What is given in Bharat Ratna and what is written on it. ? 22 A certificate signed by president and peepal leaf shaped medallion.On obverse image of Sun along with words Bharat Ratna and on reverse there is Emblem in the centre with national motto-Satye mev jayte.
23 Which game is associated with Duleep trophy. ? 23 Cricket
24 Who is known as father of cricket in the world. ? 24 William Gilbert
25 Who is known as father of cricket in India. ? 25 Ranjit singh ji Maharaja
26 Who is known as God of cricket . ? 26 Sachin Tendulkar
27 Which game is associated with Durand cup. ? 27 Football
28 What is the duration of time in Hockey game. ? 28 70 minutes
29 Which game is associated with Davis cup. ? 29 Tennis (Men)
30 Which game is associated with Wimbledon ? 30 Lawn tennis
31 Which game is associated with Uber cup. ? 31 World badminton (women’s) championship
32 Uber cup is named after whom.? 32 A former British woman player name Uber
33 In whose name highest sports award is given. ? 33 Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna
34 What is the minimum age for participating in Olympic game.? 34 16 yrs
35 In whose birth date sports day is celebrated.? 35 Major dhyan chand (29th August)
36 What is the name of first Indian who won individual olympic gold meal.? 36 Abhinav Bindra
37 Where was 2018 commonwealth games held.? 37 Gold Coast , Australia
38 Which country won highest numbers of medals in 2018 commonwealth games.? 38 Australia
39 What is the name of new game introduced in 2018 commonwealth games.? 39 Women’s rugby sevens’
40 What is the name of mascot of 2018 commonwealth games.? 40 Borobi (mascot ) in 2018 commonwealth games
41 What is the motto of olympic games.? 41 3 words-citius (faster) ,altius (higher), fortius (stronger) represent a programme of moral beauty.
42 What does 5 rings represent in olympic.? 42 5. continent
43 Where did 2016 olympic games held.? 43 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
44 What is the name of mascot of 2016 olympic games.? 44 Vinicius
45 Where did first table tennis championship held.? 45 London (U.K)
46 Who invented T-20 cricket format.? 46 England
47 How many Indians won noble prize.? 47 R.N.Tagore in literature 1913 (first recepient),C.V.Raman in Physics in 1930,Mother Terasa in peace in 1979 Kailash Satyarthi in peace in 2014 shared with Malala Yusufjai from Pakistan
48 How many offices did receive noble prize.? 48 International Red cross society in peace in 1963 and UNICEF in peace in 1965
49 Who started noble prize.? 49 Alfred Noble (sweden)
50 How many rupees given in noble prize.? 50 Rs seven crore app/ nine million Swedish Kroner
51 What is the name of city where noble peace prize is awarded.? 51 Oslo , capital of Norway
52 What is the name of place where other noble prizes are awarded.? 52 Stockholm, capital of Sweden
53 Who is the first foreigner recepient of Bharat Ratna.? 53 Khan Abdul Gaffar khanin 1987, also known as frontier Gandhi
54 In which year noble prize started.? 54 1901
55 In how many subjects noble prizes are given.? 55 Chemistry,Physics,Literature, Peace, Economics, Medicine or Physiology
56 In which year Dronacharya award started.? 56 1985
57 Who was first non-European and non-white to win noble prize in any category.? 57 Rabindranath Tagore
58 When was Arjun award started.? 58 1961
59 Who won noble prize in Economics in 2019 59 Abhijit banerjee ( Indian origin, US Citizen) shared with his wife and one more person
60 What is the name of noble prize of Asia.? 60 Magsaysay Award

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1Who started Magsaysay Award ?1Ramon Magsaysay, former 7th president of Philippines, given for outstanding contribution to public service, literature,Arts and journalism, awarded annually on 31st August. It is regarded as noble prize for Asia. Ramon Magsaysay  born on 31st August
2What is the name of hihest civilian honour for women in India ? 2Nari shakti puruskar given on International women’s day i.e, on 8th March
3Who is awarded scientist of the year award by DRDO in 2020 ?3Hemant kumar Pandey, scientist at DRDO, for developing herbal medicines for treatment of leucoderma.
4Who received Padmashri award from Rajasthan on 26th January 2021 ?4Three persons received the award. 1. Lakha Khan, Sarangi player from Mangniyar community. 2. Shyam sunder Paliwal from Rajsamand, awarded for planting trees and encouraging girl child.3. Arjun singh Shekhawat ,from Pali district, written more than 50 books
5Who received Dada Saheb Phalke Award 2021 ?5Rajnikant