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1 Who wrote straight from the heart (an autobiography) ? 1 Kapil Dev
2 Who wrote playing it my way ? 2 Sachin Tendulkar
3 Who wrote dare to do: for the new generation ? 3 Kiran Bedi
4 Who wrote I do what I do ? 4 Raghuram Rajan ( Ex RBI Governor)
5 Who wrote India divided ? 5 Dr Rajendra Prasad
6 Who wrote back to work ? 6 Bill Clinton (Ex president of USA)
7 Who wrote the race of my life ? 7 Milkha Singh
8 Who wrote unbreakable ? 8 Marykom
9 Who wrote Ram charit manas ? 9 Tulsi Das
10 Who wrote my truth ? 10 Indira Gandhi
11 Who wrote wings of fire ? 11 A.P.J Abdul Kalam
12 Who wrote Exam warriors ? 12 Narendra Modi ( Prime minister of India)
13 Who wrote India wins freedom ? 13 Abdul Kalam Azad
14 Who wrote discovery of India ? 14 Jawahar Lal Nehru
15 Who wrote Goal ? 15 Major Dhyan Chand
16 Who wrote Geetanjali ? 16 R.N.Tagore
17 Who wrote broken wings ? 17 Sarijini Naidu
18 Who wrote unhappy India 18 Lala Lajpat Rai
19 Who wrote toward freedom ? 19 Jawahar Lal Nehru ,an Autobiography, written in 1936 in prison
20 Who wrote jungle book ? 20 Rudyard Kipling (noble prize winner in 1907)
21 Who wrote Malgudi days ? 21 R.K.Narayan
22 Who wrote adventure of Sherlock homes 22 Sir Arthur conon Doyle
23 Who wrote Paradise lost ? 23 Hohn Milton
24 Who wrote a tale of two cities ? 24 Charles Dickens
25 Who wrote Panch Sidhantika ? 25 Varahmihir ( Indian Astronomer and mathemetician)
26 Who wrote Brahmsphuta-sidhanta ? 26 Brahmgupta ( He defined zero)
27 Who wrote Jhanda uncha Rahe Hamara ? 27 Shyam lal Gupt ( Parshad)
28 Who is the author of ‘ Train to Pakistan’ ? 28 Khushwant Singh
29 Who is the author of A passage to India ? 29 E.M.Forster

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1What is the name of sacred book of Buddhists ?1Tripitakas
2Who wrote Panchtantra ?2Vishnu Sharma
3Who wrote line of blood ?3Bairaj Khanna
4Who wrote Broken wing ?4Sarojini Naidu
5Who wrote Wealth of Nation ?5Adam Smith
6Who wrote Aryabhattiya Granth ?6Aryabhatt
7What is ISBN ?7International standard book number (13 digit number for recognition of book )
8Who wrote India wins freedom ?8Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad (1st Education minister. Won Bharat Ratna in 1992 posthumously and his birth date 11th Nov is celebrated as National Education day.)
9Who wrote Romeo and Juliet ?9Shakespeare
10Who wrote origin of life ?10Darwin
11What is the name of religious book of Jainism ?11Agam Sutras
12Who wrote Indica ?12Megasthenes, Greek traveller visited India during Chandragupta Maurya
13Who wrote making India awesome ?13Chetan Bhagat
14Who wrote God of small things ?14Arundhati Roy
15Who wrote Kadambari ?15Banbhatt
16Who wrote long walk to freedom ?16Nelson Mandella (Autobiography)
17Who wrote playing it my way ?17Sachin Tendulkar
18Who wrote a promised land ?18Barack Obama
19Who wrote saket ?19Maithili saran gupt
20Who wrote one arranged murder ?20Chetan Bhagat