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1 Who is Founder of ISRO ? 1 Vikram Sarabhai
2 Who is Founder of Yoga ? 2 Patanjali
3 Who is Founder of Din-E-Elahi ? 3 Akbar
4 Who is Founder of Mughal Dynasty ? 4 Babur-1526
5 Who is Father of Sitar and Tabla ? 5 Amir khusro
6 Who is Founder of Microsoft ? 6 Bill Gates
7 Who is Founder of Sikh Religion ? 7 Guru Nanak
8 Who is Founder of Jain religion ? 8 Mahavir
9 Who is Founder of Buddha religion ? 9 Gautam Buddha
10 Who is Founder of Face book ? 10 Mark Zukerberg
11 Who is Founder of Google ? 11 Larry Page and Sergey brin
12 Who is Founder of Ram Krishan Mission ? 12 Swami Vivekanand
13 Who is Father of Indian Railway ? 13 Lord Dalhousie ( in 1853 Bombay to Thane)
14 Who is Founder of Brahm Samaj ? 14 Raja Ram Mohan Roy
15 Who is Founder of Bachpan bachao Andolan and fought against child labour ? 15 Kailash Satyarthi ( noble peace prize winner 2014 shared with Malala Yusufjai, a Pakistani girl
16 Who is Founder of Email ? 16 Ray Tomlinson
17 Who is Founder of Whatsapp ? 17 Brian acton & Jan Koum (2009)
18 Who is Founder of Apple ? 18 Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak & Ronald wayne
19 Who is Founder of Amazon ? 19 Jeff Bezos
20 Who is Founder of Twitter ? 20 Jack Dorsey, Noah glass, Evan williams &Biz stone
21 Who is Founder of instagram ? 21 Kevin systrom
22 Who is Founder of Flip kart ? 22 Binny Bansal & Sachin Bansal
23 Who is Founder of Arya samaj ? 23 Dayanand Sarswati
24 Who is Founder of Udaipur ? 24 Maharana Udai Singh 2nd in 1558
25 Who is founder of Jaipur ? 25 Jai Singh 2nd
26 Who is father of Indian space programme ? 26 Vikram Sarabhai
27 Who is father of Indian nuclear programme ? 27 Homi J Bhabha
28 Who is father of Indian IT Sector ? 28 N.R.Narayana Murthy
29 Who is father of white revolution ? 29 Verghese Kurien ( founder of Amul cooperative, Anand )
30 Who is father of BHU ? 30 Madan Mohan Malviya
31 What is the name of a person from India who is appointed as U.N.environment good will ambassador ? 31 Diya Mirza
32 Who is 24th Teerthankar of Jain ? 32 Mahavir
33 Who is known as man of destiny ? 33 Napolean Bonaparte
34 Who is known as Punjab Kesari ? 34 Lala Lajpat Rai
35 Who is Architect of gateway of India ? 35 George Wittet
36 Who is waterman of India ? 36 Rajendra Singh
37 Who is known as flying sikh of India ? 37 Milkha singh, he lost bronze by 0.1 second at 1960 olympic in Rome
38 Who is Marykom ? 38 She Plays Boxing, won bronze in 2012 London olympic.
39 Who is known as shaheed-e-Azam 39 Bhagat singh
40 Who discovered India ? 40 Vasco- Dagama (1497-98)
41 Who discovered USA ? 41 Columbus
42 Who promoted girls education and opposed child marriage ? 42 Ishwar Chand Vidhya Sagar
43 Who promoted women education and opposed child marriage ? 43 Swamy Vivekanand
44 Who cared for leprosy patient’s treatment and their rehabilitation ? 44 Baba Amte
45 Who is CEO of google ? 45 Sunder Pichai
46 Who is CEO of Microsoft ? 46 Satya Nadella
47 Who is Picaso of India ? 47 M.F.Husain
48 Who is Ghazal king of India ? 48 Jagjit Singh
49 Who is known as lady with lamp ? 49 Florence Nightingle
50 Who built Taj Mahal ? 50 Shah Jahan
51 What is the name of a person who landed first time on moon ? 51 Neil Arm strong (first) 20th july 1969, Pilot Buzz Aldrin was with Neil Arm Strong
52 Who is known as man of peace ? 52 Lal Bahadur Shastri
53 Who wrote sare jaha se aachha ? 53 Mohammed Iqbal in 1931
54 Who is Birdman of India ? 54 Salim Ali
55 What is the name of the first Chinese Pilgrim who visited India ? 55 Fa-hien (AD 399-414)
56 Who is known as iron lady of India ? 56 Indira Gandhi
57 Where did Mumtaj mahal died ? 57 Burhanpur
58 Where did Lata Mangeshkar born ? 58 Indore (M.P.)
59 Where did Prophet Mohammed born 59 Saudi Arabia
60 Who is first dalit President of India? 60 R.k. Narayanan (1997-2002)
61 Who is second dalit president of India ? 61 Ram Nath Kovind (14th President 2017 to
62 Who coined the term United Nations ? 62 Franklin D.Roosevelt (US President)
63 Who created Barbie doll ? 63 Ruth Handler (American businessman in 1959 )
64 Who created Rubik’s cube ? 64 Erno Rubik
65 Who created lego ? 65 Ole Kirk Christiansen (Danish businessman)
66 By what name we call tribes of Andman island ? 66 Jarawa
67 By what name we call tribes of Nilgiri hills ? 67 Toda
68 By what name we call tribes of Mizohills on India and Myanmar ? 68 Kuki
69 By what name we call tribes of Nagaland ? 69 Angami
70 By what name we call tribes of Sikkim & Darjeeling district ? 70 Lepcha
71 Who is male classical dancer in kathak form ? 71 Birju Maharaj
72 Who brought concept of automatic digital computer ? 72 Charles Babbage
73 Who designed Indian flag ? 73 Pingali Venkayya ( initially only traditional wheel later on changed to Ashoka chakra
74 Who wrote sarpharoshi ki tamnna ab hamare dil me ha ? 74 Bismal Azimabadi
75 Who is architect of Victoria memorial- Kolkatta 75 William Emerson (built 1906-1921 )
76 What is the name of first president of US ? 76 George Washington
77 What is the name of first Indian who reached North Pole ? 77 Ajeet Bajaj
78 Who is known Shakspere of India ? 78 Kalidas
79 Who is Deshbandhu ? 79 Chitranjandas
80 Who is owner of Arcelor Mittal ? 80 Lakshmi Niwas Mittal
81 Who is founder of Reliance Industries ? 81 Dhirubhai Ambani
82 Who is founder of Hero motocorp ? 82 Brijmohan Lall Munjal
83 Who is founder of Bharti Enterprises ? 83 Sunil Mittal
84 Who is owner of Wipro ltd ? 84 Azim Prem Ji
85 Who is co-founder of yatra online pvt ltd ? 85 Sabina Chopra
86 Who is known as missile woman of India ? 86 Tessy Thomas (former project Director for Agni iv missile in DRDO)
87 Who is Nandini Harinath ? 87 Deputy operations director for Mangalyan mission in ISRO
88 Who is founder of Paytm ? 88 Vijay Shekhar Sharma
89 Who is founder of Skype ? 89 Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis
90 Who is founder of Tata group ? 90 Jamshed Ji Tata

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  Persons/ Founders–Questions  Persons/Founders–Answers
1Who is father of Economics ?1Adam Smith. He wrote abook titled as wealth of nation
2Who is father of History ?2Herodotus from Greek
3Who is the greatest President of USA ?3Abraham Lincoln in 1861, assassinated on 15th april 1865
4When was Google founded and by whom 44th sept 1998 in USA by Larry Page and Sergey Brin
5When was Tata group founded and by whom ?51868 in MumbI by Jamshed Ji Tata
6Who is chief Architect of Indian constitution ?6Ambedkar
7Who is father of Philosophy ?7Socrates
8Who is father of Biology ?8Aristotle
9Who is father of Medicine ?9Hippocrates
10Who is father of Homeopathy ?10Samuel Haniman
11Who is father of Atom bomb ?11Otto Hahn
12Who is father of Modern Tourism ?12Thomas Cook
13Who is father of Mathematics ?13Pythagorus, Greek (570-495 BC) and Archimedes,Greek, considered as first mathemetician  mathemetician (287-212 BC )
14Who is father of Painting ?14Leonardo da Vinci
15Who is father of Indian Ayurved ?15Athreya
16Who is father of Indian Sanskrit drama ?16Kalidas
17Who is father of Indian Surgery ?17Susruta
18Who is father of Indian Astronomy ?18Varahamihira
19Who is father of Indian Cinema ?19Dada Sahab Phalke
20Who is father of Indian printing ?20James Augustus Hickey ( first news papar Hicky’s Bengal gazette)
21Who gave name  ‘Mahatma’ to Gandhi Ji ?21R.N.Tagore
22Who is founder of computer Virus ?22Delbruck
23Who is father of Indian Railways ?23Lord Dalhousie
24Who is founder of ?24Jeff Bezos
25Who is CEO of Amazon ?25Jeff Bezos
26Who is founder of Apple Inc ?26Steve Jobs,Steve Wozniak
27Who is CEO of Apple Inc ?27Tim cook
28Who is founder of Dell ?28Michael Dell
29Who is founder and CEO of Face Book ?29Mark Zuckerberg
30Who is founder of Google ?30Larry Page and Sergey Brin
31Who is CEO of Google ?31Sunder Pichai
32Who is Chairman and CEO of Microsoft ?32Satya Nadella
33Who is CEO of Nokia  ?33Pekka Lundmark
34Who is founder of Samsung ?34Lee Byung-chul
35Who is CEO of Samsung ?35Oh-Hyun Kwon
36Who is CEO of Twitter ?36Jack Dorsey
37Who is Founder and CEO of Arcelor Mittal 37Laxmi Niwas Mittal
38Who is founder of IBM ?38Charles Ranlett Flint
39Who is CEO of IBM ?39Arvind Krishna
40Who is founder of Instagram ?40Kevin Systrom
41Who is CEO of Instagram ?41Kevin Systrom
42Who is founder of coca cola ?42Asa Griggs Candler (1889)
43Who is CEO of coca cola ?43James Quincey
44Who is CEO of Pepsico ?44Ramon Laguarta
45What we call the person who makes or sells women’s hats ?45Milliner
47What we call the person who sells things from one place to another place ?47Hawker
48What we call the person who sells sweets and pasteries ?48Confectioner
49What we call the person who sells iron and hardware ?49Iron monger
50What we call the person who sells textile fabrics ?50Draper
51What we call the person who owns or sells Needles, buttons or thread  ?51Haberdasher
52Who won gold medal in 2010 common wealth games held in Delhi from India?52Krishna Poonia in discuss throw
53Who is head of common wealth games ?53Queen Elizabeth
54Who is the world’ greatest champion in Boxing ?54Muhammad Ali (USA) died on 3 Jun 2016 
55Who is President of USA ?55Joe Biden ( 46th president from 20 Jan 2021 for 4 years )
56What is the name of main character of Kipling’s Jungle book ?56Mowgli
57What is the name of Buddha when he was prince ?57Siddhartha
58What is the name of place where Buddha attained Enlightenment ?58Lumbini (Nepal)
59Who started Navroz ( Persian festival )59Balban
60Who opposed chir haran of Dropadi in Kaurav ?60Vikarna ( brother of Duryodhan )
61Who (Indian) developed wold’s first bullet proof jacket ?61Major Anoop Mishra, Indian army officer
62Who became the third person to walk on moon ?62Pete Conard , US Astronaut, travelled in Apollo 12 on 20 nov 1969
63Who is Father of Geometry ?63Euclid (Greek mathemetician)
64Who is father of journalism in India ?64James Augustus Hickey ( first news papar Hicky’s Bengal gazette)
65Who wtote Indian constitution ?65Prem Bihari Narayan Rayzada, was famous calligraphy writer of that time, he wrote in Italic style. Calligraphy is a art of writing beautifully with special pen.
66Who is founder of Brahm Samaj ?66Raja Ram Mohan Roy, who tried to abolish sati pratha and child marriage.
67Who is founder of Ram Krishan Mission ?67Swamy Vivekanand
68Who is founder of Arya Samaj ?68Swamy Dayanand Saraswati, who wrote Satyarth Prakash.
69Who is founder of Theosophical siciety ?69Annie Besant, she became the first woman to become president of Indian national congress
70Who is leader of chipko movement ?70Sunder lal Bahuguna, environmental activist, who expired on 21 May 2021.
71Who is founder of Bhudan movement ?71Vinoba Bhave, freedom fighter and social reformer also
72Who is India’s first woman photo journalist 72Homai Vyarawalla (9 Dec 1913-15 Jan 2012)
73Who is India’s female painter of 20th century ? 73Amrita shergil
74What is the name of woman who became freedom fighter and poet ? 74Mahadevi verma
75Who is Bismillah Khan ?75Shehnai player who won Bharat Ratna also in 2001.
76Who is known as man of destiny ?76Napoleon Bonaparte
77Who is known as Frontier Gandhi ?77Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
78Who is known as Bard of Avon ?78William Shakespeare.(Bard=a poet who composes n writer and Avon =river)
79Who is known as Haryana Hurricane ?79Kapil Dev.(Hurricane=a violent storm) 
80Who is known as Honest Abe ?80Abraham Lincoln, President of USA, always honest with people, ab= honest (assassinated on 15th april 1865)
81What we call the person who travels outer space ?81Astronaut
82Who is known as Mozart of Madras ?82A.R.Rahman
83Who is known as The wall ?83Rahul Dravid
84Who is known as The greatest ?84Mohammed Ali
85Who is known as the Great communicator ?85Ronald Reagan
86Who is founder of Missionaries of charity ?86Mother Teresa
87Who is founder of servants of Indian society ?87Gopal Krishan Gokhle
88Who is founder of Banaras Hindu Society ?88Madan Mohan Malviya
89Who is founder of Chinmay Mission ?89Chinmayananda Saraswati
90Who is known as forest man of India ?90Jadav Molai from Majuli, Assam, awarded Padma shri in 2015