Places and wonders of world

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1 Where is Statue of Liberty is situated and its height ? 1 New York, USA, and height is 93 meter
2 Where is Eiffle Tower is situated ? 2 Paris, France
3 Where is Leaning tower of Pisa is situated ? 3 Italy
4 Where is Humayu tomb is situated ? 4 Delhi
5 Where is Lotus temple is situated ? 5 Delhi
6 Where is Kutub Minar is situated ? 6 Delhi
7 Where is India Gate is situated ? 7 Delhi
8 Where is Red Fort is situated ? 8 Delhi
9 Where is Sanchi Stupa is situated and who made it ? 9 M.P, King Ashok
10 Where is Sun temple is situated and what is the other name of it ? 10 Konark (Odisha) , black Pagoda
11 Where is Char minar is situated and who created it ? 11 Hyderabad (Telangana ), created by Oli Kutub Shah
12 Where is Taj mahal is situated ? 12 Agra
13 Where is Ajanta and Ellora is situated ? 13 Aurangabad
14 Where is Meenaxi temple is situated ? 14 Madurai
15 Which city is known as Morning calm ? 15 Korea
16 Which country is known as land of rising Sun ? 16 Japan
17 Where is Tower of silence is situated in India ? 17 Mumbai
18 Where is Somnath temple is situated ? 18 Gujarat
19 Where is Delwara temple is situated ? 19 Mt. Abu (Rajasthan)
20 Where is Fatehpur sikri is situated ? 20 Near Agra
21 Where is Gate way of India is situated ? 21 Mumbai
22 Where is Gol gumbaz is situated ? 22 Bijapur
23 Which country is land of mid night Sun ? 23 Norway
24 Where is India gate situated ? 24 Delhi
25 Where is Golkunda Fort is situated ? 25 Telangana
26 Where is Golden temple is situated ? 26 Amritsar
27 Where is Hawa mahal is situated and how many Jharokhas or windows in it ? 27 Jaipur, and 900 Jharokhas or windows
28 Where is Rock garden is situated ? 28 Chandigarh
29 Where is Vijay Stambh is situated ? 29 Chittorgarh
30 At which place Azad Hind Fauz formed ? 30 Singapore
31 Where is home of Dalai Lama ? 31 Dharam Shala
32 What is the nick name of New York city ? 32 The big Apple
33 Who gave statue of liberty and why ? 33 It is given by France to US to celebrate friendship
34 who was designer/Engineer of Eiffle tower ? 34 Gustav Eiffle
35 What is the name of 2nd highest mountain peak in the world ? 35 K2 or Mount Godwin Austen
36 Where is shanti stupa ? 36 Shanti stupa in Leh
37 In which state remains of Nalanda University found ? 37 Bihar
38 Where is holiest place for Muslim is found ? 38 Mecca in Saudi Arabia
39 On which river bank Vatican city situated ? 39 Vatican City (Roman catholic church) at Tiber river
40 Where is birth place of Gautam Buddha ? 40 Lumbini (Nepal)
41 Where is birth place of Lord Mahavira ? 41 Vaishali (Bihar)
42 Where is pilgrimage site for Sikhs ? 42 Golden Temple (Amritsar)
43 Where is pilgrimage site for Jews ? 43 Jerusalem (Israel ) called western or waiting wall on which visitors write write their prayers on papers and insert into wall .
44 Where is world’s largest religious structure ? 44 Angkorwat (Cambodia)
45 Where is pilgrimage site for followers of Baha i faith ? 45 The shrine of Bab–Israel
46 Where is Sphinx situated ? 46 It is human’s head and lions body situated at Giza (Egypt) at Nile river bank
47 Where is Sunderban Delta, how it is formed and why its name is Sunderban ? 47 At Kolkata where Ganga and Brahmputra meet, Sundari trees so named Sunderban
48 Where is Merlion Statue situated ? 48 Singapore (Lion head & fish body, 37 meter tall )
49 What is the name of entertainment capital of world ? 49 Las Vegas
50 At which place Windsor castle is situated ? 50 Residence of British Royal Family in London (UK)
51 Where is Mount Rushmore & why it is famous ? 51 It is in USA & has faces of 4 US President–Abraham Lincon, Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson & George Washington (Faces are carved on it)
52 How the capital (of Nepal) Kathmandu derived ? 52 Derived from woodden shelter, in sanskrit it means Kasth mandap
53 How the capital (of Bangla desh) Dhaka derived ? 53 Named after Dhakeshwari temple
54 What are ancient wonders of world ? 54 …Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt (only surviving and oldest)
…Light House of Alexandria in Egypt
…Colossus of Rhodes in Greece
…Statue of Zesus at Olympia in Greece
…Mausoleum at Halicarnassus (tomb) in Turkey
…Temple of Artemis at Ephesus in Turkey dedicated to Godess Artemis
…Hanging garden of Babylon in Iraq

55 What are today’s wonders of world ? 55 …Great wall of China, largest man made structure on the Earth
…Petra in Jordan
…Taj Mahal in India
…Roman Colosseum in Rome
…Chichan Itza in Mexico
…Machu Picchu in Peru
…Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) construction of statue started in 1926 and completed in 1931

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1Which city of India is known as city of 7 Islands ?1Mumbai
2Which state of India is state of 5 Rivers ?2Punjab ( Sutlej,Ravi,Beas, Chenab , Jhelum)
3Which city of India is known as city of Nawab ?3Lucknow
4Which Harbour in India is known as Diamond Harbour ?4Kolkatta
5Which city of India is known as city of temples and Ghats ?5Varanasi
6Which city of India is known as twin city ?6Hyderabad and Sikandrabad
7Where is great Bear lake in the world ?7Canada
8Who built Tajmahal ?8Shah Jahan in 1632
9Who is Architect of Ram Mandir of Ayodhya ?9Chandrakant Sompura
10Why Angkorwat is famous ?10Lagest hindu temple of Lord Vishnu
11What is the other name of river Nile ?11Cradle (origin) of civilisation
12What is the name of cleanest river of the world ?12Yellow river ( Hwang-Ho ) in China
13Where is Gobi desert ?13It’s cold desert in Mangolia and China
14Where is Sahara desert ?14South Africa
15What is the name of national capital of South Africa ? 15South Africa has 3 capitals.1. Cape town.2 Pretoria. 3.Bloemfontein
16Why Guntur is famous ?16Tobacco export
17What is the name of Eternal city of World ?17Rome, capital of Italy ( Rome will remain for ever )
18What is the name of windy city of the world ?18Chicago, located on shores of lake michigan, naturally breezy area
19Which countries are land locked countries ?19Liechtenstein and Uzbekistan
20Which country has 3 countries in it ?20Great Britain–1.England-London,2.Wales–Cardiff,3. Scoland–Edinburg ,      4. Northern Ireland-Belfast
21What is the other name of Antarctica ?21South Pole
22What is the name of ancient Gandhar MahaJanpad ?22Taxsila
23Which University is named after 1st Prime Minister ?23JNU, Delhi
24Where is Salim Ali National Park ?24Jammu and Kashmir
25Where is Bibi ka Maqbara ?25Aurangabad ( Constructed by Aurangjeb in memory of first wife-Dilras Bano
26Which country lies in 2 Continents ?26Turkey ( Asia and Europe)
27In which country desert of death exist ?27Dasht-e Margo in Afghanistan
28At which place Eastern and Western Ghats meet ?28Palghat, it is in between Coimbatore (T.N.) and Palakkad (Kerala)
29In which state of India Amritdhara natural water falls found ?29Chattisgarh and originates from Hasdeo river which is tributary of Mahanadi 
30In which state of India silent valley national park is situated ?30Kerala
31Where is Mahabaleshwar located ?31Situated at western Ghats in Maharashtra
32Where is Kullu located ?32Kullu is known as valley of Gods and located along Beas river 
33Which place in India is known as Scotland of East ?33Shillong (Capital of Meghalaya )
34Which place in India is known as Jewels of Nilgiris ?34Ooty in Tamil Nadu
35Where is gir sanctuary situated in India ?35Gujarat
36Where is Niagra Falls in the world ?36It is located between Ontario (Canada) and New york (USA). It has 3 falls.
37Where is Angel Falls ?37Venezuala, it is the world’s highest (979 meter )water fall. 
38Where is Jog fall in India ?38This fall is created by Sharavathi river in Karnataka
39Where is Yosemite falls ?39It is the tallest (739 meter) water fall in USA
40Where is tallest man made water fall in the world ?40Cascade Delle Marmore in Italy.
41Where is largest volcano in the world ?41Hawaii’s Mauna Loa at south central part of Hawai island
42Where  U shaped lake is found in the world ?42Oxbow lake in Papua New Guinea
43The name of Athenes is named after whom ?43Greek Goddess Athena
44Which island is known as bird island ?44Namibia (island of west coast of Africa)
45What is the name of place where almost nights and days are equal ?45Kanyakumari because it is nearer to Equator