India GK

S.n. India- Questions S.n. India- Answer
1 In which year was the tricolour flag was adopted officially.? 1 In 1931 at a session of Indian national congress
2 Whenwas the national flag in present form is adopted.? 2 22-Jul-47
3 What does the Ashoka Chakra in our flag depicts.? 3 Dharm Chakra(wheel of law) depicts dynamism of peaceful changes
4 When the flag is half masted.? 4 On death of President, Vice President and Prime minister
5 Who prohibited custom of sati.? 5 Raja Ram mohan Roy
6 Who took care of leprosy patients ? 6 Baba Amte
7 What is the origin and ending point of Indus river ? 7 Lake Mansarovar and ends in Arabian sea
8 What is the origin and ending point of Ganga river ? 8 Gangotri glacier and ends in Bay of Bengal
9 What is the origin and ending point of Yamuna river ? 9 Yamunotri glacier and merges with Ganga at Allahabad
10 What is the origin and ending point of Brahmputra river ? 10 Glacier in Tibet merges with Ganga and ends in Bay of Bengal
11 What is the origin and ending point of Krishna river ? 11 Western Ghats (Maharashtra) and ends in Bay of Bengal
12 Who designed Indian flag ? 12 Pingali Venkayya. Initially Indian traditional wheel was there. Later on chakra was taken from Ashoka pillar. Blue colour of chakra represent sky and colour of ocean and chakra represent Dharam or life principles.
13 When capital of India shifted from Calcutta to Delhi ? 13 1911 (calcutta to Delhi)
14 where is kaziranga national Park ? 14 Assam
15 Which is the biggest district in India ? 15 Ladakh
16 In which year Sangeet natak Academy founded ? 16 1952
17 What is the name of first news paper published in India ? 17 Hicky’s Bengal gazette in 1780 by English man James Augustus Hicky
18 Where is Rohtang pass ? 18 Himachal Pradesh. It connects kullu valley with Lahaul and spiti valley of H.P.
19 Where is Nathula pass ? 19 It connects Sikkim with China. In Tibetan nathu means listening ears and la means pass.
20 On which day national day falls ? 20 26 th January and 15th August
21 What is national Emblem of India ? 21 Ashoka Emblem from Sarnath pillar(4 lion) , only 3 lion taken
22 What is the ratio of national flag ? 22 Three colour with 2:3 ratio
23 What is the name of national bird ? 23 Peacock
24 What is the name of national animal ? 24 Tiger
25 What is national Anthem of India ? 25 Jan-Gan-Man
26 Who wrote national Anthem ? 26 R.N.Tagore
27 What is national song of India ? 27 Vande Matram
28 Who wrote national song ? 28 Bankim Chatterjee
29 What is the name of national tree of India ? 29 Banyan tree
30 What is the name of national flower of India ? 30 Lotus
31 What is the national sentence of India ? 31 Satya mev Jayte
32 From where national sentence is taken ? 32 Sentence written below the national Emblem
33 What is the national fruit of India ? 33 Mango
34 What is the national river of India ? 34 Ganga
35 What is the national water animal of India ? 35 Ganga Dolphin
36 What is the national game of India ? 36 Hockey
37 On which date Dharamshala declared 2nd capital of Himachal Pradesh ? 37 Dharamshala on 19 Jan 2017, 2nd capital o HP
38 Which river flows in Ayodhya ? 38 Saryu
39 Which river flows in Varanasi ? 39 Ganga
40 Which river flows in Ahmedabad ? 40 Sabarmati
41 Which river flows in Ujjain ? 41 Shipra
42 Which river flows in Delhi ? 42 Yamuna
43 Which river flows in Agra and Mathura ? 43 Yamuna
44 Which river flows in Gauhati ? 44 Brahmputra
45 Which river flows in Haridwar ? 45 Ganga
46 Which river flows in Lucknow ? 46 Gomti
47 Which river flows in Kolkatta ? 47 Hoogly
48 Which river flows in Patna ? 48 Ganga
49 Which river flows in Allahabad ? 49 Ganga and Yamuna
50 Who is architect of President house ? 50 Lutyens
51 What is the significance of colours in national flag ? 51 Orange-courage, White-peace, Green-growth, fertility
52 From where chakra of national flag is taken ? 52 Sarnath pillar
53 What chakra in national flag is represented ? 53 Law of Dharam
54 What is the meaning of national flag ? 54 Nation/ country
55 How many lions are in Sarnath pillar and national Emblem ? 55 4 in sarnath pillar and 3 in Emblem
56 On which hills President house is located ? 56 Rai sina hills
57 How many spokes in Indian flag chakra ? 57 24
58 From where satya mev jayte sentence taken ? 58 Mundak Upnishad
59 How many Vedas are there ? 59 4 vedas-Rigved, Yajurved, Atharved and Samved
60 How many directions are there ? 60 4 directions-East, Wesr,North and South
61 Who helped Ravana in capturing Sita ? 61 Marich
62 Who cut off Surpankha’s nose ? 62 Laxman
63 Who was Karn’s mother ? 63 Kunti
64 In which language Jain scriptures is written ? 64 Prakrit language
65 In which language Ashok Shilalekha is written ? 65 Brahmi
66 Who is founder of Amritsar ? 66 Guru Ramdev
67 In which language Ram charit manas is written ? 67 Awadhi
68 Who is known as ship of desert ? 68 Camel
69 What is the total no of MP in Lok sabha ? 69 530 (states)+20 (Union territory)+2 (Anglo Indian, nominated by president)=552
70 What is the total no of MP in Rajya sabha ? 70 250 (233 states and union territories +12(nominated by president)
71 What is the total no of MLA in Rajasthan ? 71 200 MLA
72 Who sang national song first time ? 72 R N Tagore in 1896 in a political meeting of national congress
73 How many stanzas of national song is sung ? 73 Only 2 stanzas in 52 seconds
74 When national anthem was sung first time ? 74 In a national congress session on 27 Dec 1911
75 Who translated national anthem (originally written in Bengali) in hindi? 75 Abid ali
76 Who is architect of India gate ? 76 Edwin Lutyens
77 Why India gate is famous ? 77 It is a war memorial and venue of Republic day parade. 82000 soldiers of undivided India lost their lives in 1914-1918 fighting for British Empire.
78 What is the name of holy river of India ? 78 Ganga
79 How many Islands are there in Lakshdweep ? 79 36 islands
80 How many Islands are there in Andman and Nicobar ? 80 more than 500 islands
81 Who wrote Vande matram (national song) ? 81 Bankim chandra chaterjee
82 What are the name of Indian Epic ? 82 Ramayan and Mahabharat
83 Who wrote Ramayan ? 83 Valmiki
84 Who wrote Mahabharat ? 84 Ved Vyas
85 Who wrote Ram charit manas ? 85 Tulsidas
86 What is the ancient name of Patna ? 86 Patliputra
87 What is area code of India ? 87 91
88 What is the start and end point of grand trunk road and its length ? 88 Chittagong (Bangladesh) to Kabul(Afghanistan),2600km built by SherShah Suri, It is South Asia’s oldest and longest road
89 When pin code system started ? 89 1972
90 Who is brand ambassador from bollywood for swatch Bharat Abhiyan ? 90 Shilpa shetty
91 What is the name of southernmost tip of India and where it is located ? 91 Indira point which is in Andman and Nicobar Island .
92 What is the name of southernmost tip of mainland of India ? 92 Kanyakumari
93 What are the folk dances of Chattisgarh , Jharkhand, Telangana, Karnataka, and Maharashtra ? 93 Chattisgarh–Saila, Jharkhand–Chhau, Telangana–kuchipudi, Karnataka–Yakshagana, Maharashtra–Lavani.
94 In which state of India the world’s only floating park is found ? 94 Manipur . Keibul Lamjao national park
95 From which state Polo is originated ? 95 Manipur .
96 Which state is known as land of festivals ? 96 Nagaland
97 In which state of India Blue mountain lies ? 97 Mizoram
98 Which state is known as land of highlanders ? 98 Mizoram
99 In which state of India world’s largest river (Brahmputra) island is situated ? 99 Majuli in Assam
100 Where is Twang Monastery ? 100 Arunachal Pradesh
101 In which state of India Namdapha national park is situated ? 101 Arunachal Pradesh
102 Which state is known as land of dawn- lit mountain ? 102 Arunachal Pradesh
103 Where is Neermahal palace now known as Rudrasagar ? 103 Tripura
104 Which state is known as Abode of clouds ? 104 Meghalaya
105 Where is Diamond crossing of railway ? 105 Nagpur, it is a center place . Trains start for each directions.
106 What is the name of Railway mascot having light in hand ? 106 Bholu
107 Where is head quarter of Indian Armed Forces ? 107 New Delhi
108 What is the name of India’s first indigenous nuclear powered submarine ? 108 INS Arihant
109 What is the name of commando unit of Indian Air Force ? 109 Garud
110 Who is supreme commander of Indian Armed force ? 110 President
111 Where is biggest port of India ? 111 Mumbai
112 What is the name of central bank of India ? 112 Reserve Bank of India
113 Which state has officially declared the name of its capital city as Amravti ? 113 Andhra Pradesh ( Amravati will be after 10 yrs i.e. from 2025
114 Which countries has faught Kargil war ? 114 India and Pakistan in May-26 July1999, vijay divas on 26 july
115 Which state of India has longest coast line ? 115 Gujrat
116 What are the main forts of Rajasthan ? 116 1. Chittorgarh Fort-constructed by Sisodiya dynasty. Longest fort of India, it has 7 huge gates. 2. Kumbhal garh fort- constructed by Rana Kumbha in 15th century. It has 2nd longest building in the world, it’s wall is 36 km. 3. Taragarh-constructed by Ajay pal in 1354. 4 Nahargarh constructed by Sawai jai singh second in 1734
117 What are the main lakes of Rajasthan ? 117 1.Fresh water lakes–Jaisamand( second largest artificial lake in Asia and India ,having 8 islands,constructed by Jai Singh in 1691 covering 120 km area. Pichola and Fatehsagar in Udaipur . Silisade in Alwar,Nakki lake in Abu, Pushkar and Anasagar in Ajmer . 2 . Salt water lakes–Sambhar lake (biggest in India, 32 km length) and Deedwana
118 What are the names of ancient civilisation reminiscenes in Rajasthan ? 118 Ayad in Udaipur and Kalibanga in Hanumangarh district
119 Who is architect of Jaipur 119 Pandit Vidhya Dhar Bhatt
120 Who was Bhamashah ? 120 He was Minister of Rana Pratap who donated all his wealth
121 Who is Founder of Jaipur? 121 Sawai Jai Singh second in 1727
122 Who is founder of Udaipur ? 122 Udai singh in 1559
123 Which city is golden city ? 123 Jaisalmer
124 Which city is Sun city ? 124 Jodhpur
125 Which city is Pink city ? 125 Jaipur
126 What is the name of animal of Rajasthan ? 126 Camel and Chinkara
127 What is the name of bird of Rajasthan ? 127 Godavan
128 what is the name of capital of Rajasthan ? 128 Jaipur
129 What is the name of flower of Rajasthan ? 129 Rohida
130 What is the name of game of Rajasthan ? 130 Basket ball
131 What is the name of tree of Rajasthan ? 131 Khejdi
132 On which date Rajasthan day falls ? 132 30-Mar
133 In which city the khawaja moinuddin dargah is situated ? 133 Ajmer

India GK V2

1What is the name of first Union Territory of India ?1Andman n Nicobar Island.
2What is the name of first Arctic station (Research station)at North pole ?2Himadri
3What are the name of research stations at Antarctic (south pole) ?3Three stations-Dakshin Gangotri, Bharti and  Maitri (near Priyadarshini lake.
4What are the five principles of Mahavira (Jainism).?4Ahinsa ,Satya, Asteya,Brahmcharya and Aparigrah.
5Where is nationl defence Academy in India ?5Khadak Vasla, Pune
6Where is nationl design Institute in India ?6Ahmedabad
7What is origin and ending point of Narmada river ?7Amarkantak plateau in Anuppur district ,M.P and ends at Bay of Khambhat, Arabian sea. It has no delta flows about 815.2 miles (1312 km.) It flows from East to West.
8What is the name of river known as river of Sorrow ?8Damodar river , earlier known due to floods . It originates from chota nagpur plateau (Bihar) joins Hugli in Bengal 
9Where is Rajasthan Public service comission office ?9Ajmer, Rajasthan
10Where is Rajasthan Madhyamik Shiksha Board office in Rajasthan ?10Ajmer, Rajasthan
11Which city of Rajasthan is known as heart of Rajasthan ?11Ajmer, Rajasthan
12Which city of Rajasthan is known as Pride of Rajasthan ?12Chittorgarh, Rajasthan
13What are the name of news agencies of India ?13Press trust of India and United news of India in english and Bhasha and Varta in Hindi
14What are the important national park of Rajasthan ?141. Desert national park, Jaiselmer.2.Keoladeo Ghana national park, Bharatpur.3. Sariska national park, Alwar.4.Ranthambor park, Sawaimadhopur.
15Where is wild life sanctuary national park ?15Assam
16Which bank is bankers bank of India ?16Reserve Bank of India.
17What is the name of first person , who walked on moon , name of place on moon and in which module they landed and who were other persons along with him.17First person-Neil Armstrong,other persons-Edwin Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.They went in Apollo 11 on 16 July 1969 and landed on 20 july in lunar module Eagle . That place is known as sea of tranquility.
18Why we celebrate Army day on 15 th January ? 18Indian army became free from British army. Kodandera M. Cariappa was appointed 1st commander in chief of Indian Army.
19Why we celebrate Navy day on 4th December ? 19Indian navy attacked on Karachi Harbour during India and Pakistan war in 1971
20Why we celebrate Air force day on 8th October ? 20Indian Air force was officially established on this date .
21At which place Azad Hind Fauj was established ?21Singapore
22Which line divides India into two equal parts ?22Tropic of cancer
23What are the name of tributories of Indus river ?23Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas, Satluj
24What are 8 limbs of Patanjali Yoga?241. Yam ( Ahinsa, Satya, Asteya, Brahmcharya, Aparigrah ).2. Niyam (Shauch (clearness of mind),Santosh (contentment),Tapas (self discipline),Svadhyay(study of self,vedas) and Ishwarpranidhan(true to self) 3.Asana 4. Pranayam 5.Pratyahara 6. Dharna.7.Dhyan. 8.Samadhi
25What is the oldest Mountain Range of India ?25Aravali Range
26In which Indian state Badrinath temple is situated ?26Uttarakhand
27What is the name of lowest rainfall place in India ?27Leh
28Who was last Mughal Emperor of India ?28Bahadur Shah
29Which place is known as home of Lakshdweep ?29Arabian sea
30Which place is known as home of Andman and Nicobar ?30Andman sea and Bay of Bengal
31What are the name of water bodies which seperates Andman and Nicibar ?3110 degree channel
32Who received Gandhi Peace Prize in 2019 ?32Sultan of Oman-Kaboos Bin Said Al Said (Posthumously) 1 crore and certificate
33Who received Gandhi Peace Prize in 2020 ?33Shekh Muzibur Rahman, 1st President of Bangladesh who was murdered in 1975 , given posthumously. His daughter Shekh Hasina is president of Bangla desh
34What is the other name of Lok sabha ?34House of people
35What is the date written in preamble of India ?3526th November 1949
36Who is the supreme law making institute in India ?36Parliament
37Whose tributary is the Teests river (Sikkim) ?37Brahmputra
38What is Zojila pass ?38It connects Shrinagar to Leh (It is in Kargil district of Ladhakh)
39Where is Loktak lake situated ?39Manipur (It is one of the largest fresh water lake)
40Where is Doddabetta peak ?40Nilgiri Hills, 2637 meter, it is 9 km from Ooty
41Which two places are connected by Mana pass ?41It connects India and Tibet
42Where is Lipulekh ?42In Uttarakhand state and Tibet region of China, 16780 feet 
43Where is largest fresh water lake in India ?43Wularlake (J &K )
44Where is largest Saline lake in India ?44Chilka lake in Odisha
45Where is highest (altitude) lake in India ?45Cholamu lake in Sikkim
46Where is longest lake in India ?46Vembanad lake in Kerala
47Where is longest artificial lake in India ?47Govind vallabh pant sagar in U.P. also called Rihand dam
48What was the capital of Maurya Empire ?48Patliputra ( now Patna)
49Which place is birth place Chandra Gupta Maurya ?49Patliputra ( now Patna)
50How many state’s border is shared with UP State ?509 states (Uttarakhand,HP,Haryana,Delhi,Raj,MP,Chattisgarh,Jharkhand,Bihar
51How many major oil refineries in India ?511. Jamnagar and Vadodara in Gujarat,2.Digboi,Guwahati and Numaligarh in Assam,3.  Kochi in Kerala,4. Paradip in Odisha,5. Panipat in Haryana,6. Mumbai in Maharashtra,7.Vishakhapattanam in Andhra 8. Mathura in UP.9. Haldia in West Bengal. 10. Manglore in Karnataka
52What is the name of smallest river island of India ?52Umananda also known as peacock island,look like feathers of peacock. It is in Gauhati on Brahmputra . Uma=Parwati and nanda=anand
53What is the name of 1st union territory of India ?53Andman and Nicobar
54Which Union Territory is smallest in area ?54Lakshdweep of 32 sq km. ( 36 islands)
55How many versions of original 1950 constitution ?55Two (Hindi and English)
56How Standard time of India is decided ?56It is decided at 82 degree 30 E, which passes through the centre (Mirzapur,UP)of india 
57What separates India from Lanka ?57Palk strait (narrow channel of of sea) and gulf of Mannar (a shallow bay in Indian Ocean)
58Who established British rule in India ?58Robert Clive
59Who was the leader of Azad Hind Fauz of India ?59Subhash Chandra Bose
60Who were the two foreign national who received Bharat Ratna ?60 Pakistani national Khan Abdul Gaffar khan in 1987 and Nelson Mandella in 1990
61On which date Jalianwala Bagh massacre took place ?6113 April 1919 (General Dyre ordered to fire at crowd )
62Who is Architect of Chandigarh ?62Le Corbusier
63What is the name of battle field where Pandvas and Kauravas fought ?63Kurukshetra
64Who minted Rupiya silver coin first time during his rule ?64Sher Shah Suri (1540-1545)
65On which date demonetisation took place in India ?65 8th November 2016
66Which monument in India is situated in extreme south ?66Vivekanand rock memorial (Kanya kumari )
67In which forest reserve Sabrimala temple in Kerala is situated ?67Periyar forest reserve
68From which Upnishad अतिथि देवो भव is taken ?68 तैतिरीयोपनिषद
69What is the other name of Indus river ?69Sindhu river
70What is Vande Bharat Mission ?70To bring back Indian Citizens stranded abroad
71Which organisation operates to Fastag in India ?71NHAI (National highways authority of India )
72What is the name of 1st Indus valley site ?72Harappa
73What is the name of Railway station in India where Indian require Pakistan Passport ?73Atari
74On which date National girl child in India is celebrated ?7424-Jan
75From whose name Dehradun name is derived ?75Baba Ram Rai ( son of 7th sikh guru )
76What are the name of fortnights in Hindu Lunar Calendar ?76Shukla and Krishna
77What is black gold at malabar coast of India ?77Black pepper
78Who gave the title Bapu to Gandhi ji ?78Rajkumar Shukl
79Who gave the title Mahatma to Gandhi ji ?79R.N.Tagore
80Who gave the title father of nation to Gandhi ji ?80Subhash Chandra Bose